i’m wondering how many of those people who talk shit about slavic girls being “sexist” are fans of rihanna, beyonce, miley cyrus etc and/or enjoyed the blurred lines video… 

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Q: HEY! First of all I'm in lvoe with all of your videos but specially with this one /watch?v=7XWiRu-xCbc . I LOVE THEM and your video is simply amazing. I was wondering... how do you do to make the video look so much in high quality? Is it the coloring or some specific type of sharpening?

Hey! I am so happy that you like my videos! It’s really nice to hear that :D
Well, I download all episodes in HD so quality is good :P Also, I use sharpen. I think this makes videos look better :)

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Q: Ocenisz ?

Co takiego?

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